Below is an overview of how a Sheriff’s sale works in Hamilton County:

1)      The foreclosure filing from the Clerk’s office is currently taking 4-6 months to get to the sale.  When owner gets notice from Sheriff’s office that there will be a sale it is taking 60 to 90 days.

2)      After the foreclosure filing, the county will not accept any further liens.  If they show up on title or at the recorders office, they will not be valid after the date of the foreclosure filing. 

3)      It is suggested that if you are interested in purchasing a property at Sheriff’s sale, you should take the file (Decree of Foreclosure) that is offered by the Sheriff’s office (title work) showing all liens and compare that list to the recorded liens located at the recorders office (3rd floor in Noblesville courthouse).  If there are more liens found there, the new buyer will be responsible for them as long as they were attached prior to foreclosure filing. 

4)      Financial- The buyer will need to have certified funds with them in the form of a cashiers check or money order that can be made out to themselves or the Sheriff’s Office of Hamilton County.

5)      The new owner will be provided with a Sheriff’s Deed, which is not as protective to the owner as a General Warranty Deed.